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The difference between global radio stations, FM/AM radio, DAB+ and RDS

Global radio stations, FM/AM, DAB, and RDS are the four most widely used and most practical radio methods. ISUDAR's car radio already includes these four radio modes.

So what is the difference between these radio formats, such as global radio stations, FM/AM radio, DAB+ and RDS.

Global radio (network radio) is a way of using Internet technology to spread sound, which allows you to listen to radio stations from all over the world through the Internet.

FM/AM radio is a way of using radio waves to transmit sound, which allows you to receive radio stations of different frequencies through frequency modulation (FM) or amplitude modulation (AM).

DAB (Digital Audio Broadcasting) is a way of using digital signals to transmit sound, which allows you to receive high-quality radio stations digitally.

RDS (Radio Data System) is a way to add data information to FM radio, which allows you to get some extra functions and services, such as traffic information, time alignment, program title, etc.

Each of these four methods has advantages and disadvantages, such as:
1. Worldwide Radio Stations can provide the most diverse and convenient selection and requires an internet connection.
2. FM/AM radio provides the widest and most consistent coverage, but is subject to signal interference and degradation.
3. DAB can provide the highest resolution and most energy-efficient effects, but is limited by device support and available frequencies.
4. RDS can provide the most practical and intelligent service, but it needs to be used in conjunction with FM radio, and is affected by regional differences and non-uniform standards.

All in all, each has its own advantages and disadvantages. ISUDAR car radio supports four radio modes, which are enough to meet your various radio needs.

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